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It's the Links page! Here are some things I like:

These are some of my favorites.
For a longer list see my blog here and scroll down. Or check out Chris's bag blog,
bag-collector.comI can't keep up anymore. Ha.

>Bagaboo   (bagaboo.hu/en)   Pac-influenced Hungarian messenger bags. Sharp applique/embroidery work.
>BagJack  (www.bagjack.com)   Hot bespoke Berlin bags. They're big in Japan. Now in English!
>Black Rainbow Project  (www.blackrainbowproject.co.uk)  From the ashes of Archie's Grobags...
>Blick's Bags  (blicksbags.com)  Cleveland bagmaker.
>Brisbane Outdoor Gear  (www.bogear.com.au)  Bagmakers from Down Under. Great blog.
>Cocotte  (www.cocotte-equip.com/english.htm)   Montreal company. They have the only true messenger
bag that uses a hook/d-ring setup on the main strap. Super cool.
>Bailey Works  (www.baileyworks.com)   Small New Hampshire-based shop. Top notch.
>ChicagoWIG  (chicagowig.com)   One-man Chicago bagsmith. Big, big bags and backpacks.
>Crank  (crank-tokyo.com)  The Japanese Zo...only with better stitching.
>Lazy Monk   (lazymonk.moonfruit.com)   Zo copies with awesome traditional Japanese needlework.
>Lemolo  (lemolobags.wordpress.com)   A one-man Portland stitcher. He mostly makes backpacks.
>Pac   (www.pacdesigns.com)   Some of the coolest bags around. Originator of the much-copied x-strap.
>R.E.Load   (reloadbags.com)   Some of the best applique work around.
>Resistant    (resistant.exblog.jp)   Simple, sleek bags from Japan.
>Revelate Designs  (www.revelatedesigns.com)  Formerly Epic Designs. Bike frame bags!
>Seagull   (seagullbags.com)   Giving R.E.Load a run for their money in the applique department.
>Under the Weather  (under-the-weather.ca)   Another cool Canadian company.
>Zugster   (www.zugsterbags.com)   One-man part-timer from SF. Very cool.

Fabric & Hardware Suppliers

>Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Inc.  (www.owfinc.com)   One-stop shopping for all your bag-making needs.

>Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics  (www.rockywoods.com)   Kaleidoscope of CORDURA®.
>Perfect Fit  (www.perfectfit.com)
>Rochford Supply  (www.rochfordsupply.com) 
>DJ Associates, Inc.  (www.dj-associates.com)

>Seattle Fabrics  (seattlefabrics.com)
>Para Gear  (paragear.com)
>Bally Ribbon Mills  (www.ballyribbon.com)
>The Rainshed  (www.therainshed.com)  They have waxed cotton.
>Quest Outfitters  (www.questoutfitters.com) 

Sewing Machines
[manufacturers/importers] ...these are a few that make popular upholstery machines.

Note:  The ideal bagmaking machine is a compound-feed machine. This means it has both needle feed and a walking foot. It's also known as triple feed or unison feed.

>Adler  (www.durkoppadler.com)  Out of my price range.
>Artisan  (www.artisansew.com)  Peep the 618-1SC.
>Cobra Sewing Machines  (www.leathermachineco.com)  Leather- and heavy-duty machines.
>Consew  (www.consew.com)  See the 206RB-5, a popular machine.
>Cowboy  (www.cowboysew.com)  Heavy-duty sewing machines for leather and upholstery.
>Ferdco  (www.ferdco.com)  Well known for their leather machines. Have made machines for NASA.
>Highlead  (www.highlead.com.cn)  One of China's largest machine manufacturers.
>Juki  (www.juki.com)  Check out the DNU-1541S, a popular bagmaking machine. Also: 241, 1508, 563.
>Pfaff  (www.pfaff-industrial.com)  You know Pfaff. See the 1245, 145, 545.
>Reliable  (www.reliablecorporation.com) Budget-priced copies of reliable machines.
>Sailrite  (www.sailrite.com) Their Ultrafeed machines are nice if you're looking for something portable.
>Seiko  (www.seiko-sewing.co.jp)  See the STH-8BLD-3. They used to make these for Consew.
>Singer Industrial 
(parts.singerco.com)  Their 20U series is great for applique.
>Solent Sewing  (www.solentsew.co.uk)  Sailmaking machines.
>Tacsew  (Website? I don't know)  Like Reliable, they import copies for the budget-minded sewer. 
I have the T111-155. It's treated me well so far. A few other bagmakers use it too.
>Techsew  (www.shop.raphaelsewing.com)  More affordable machines for the leather- and upholstery trade.

[retail] ...once you know what machine you want, shop around. There are tons of sites out there.
Keep in mind there are companies that just have the machine drop-shipped to your door and companies that set
up the machine for you. Also, make sure the seller is an authorized dealer...in case you have any warranty issues. Many of the smaller companies above will sell machines directly to you and have great customer service.

>All Brands  (allbrands.com)
>Atlas Levy  (http://www.atlaslevy.com)
>Industrial Sewing Machine Man  (industrialsewingmachineman.com)  Drop-shipped from Tacony Corp.
>Industrial Sewing Machines  (www.industrialsewmachine.com) Pictures of every machine ever, I think.
>Keystone  (www.keysew.com)  Known for their customer service.
>Miami Sewing (www.miamisewing.com)  Lots of crazy used machines to look at.
>National Sewing Supply  (walking-foot.net)
>Zamir Sewing  (www.zamirsew.net) Western Pfaff dealer. Super nice.


>Cordura/Invista  (www.cordura.com)
>ITW Nexus  (www.itwnexus.com)
>YKK  (www.ykkamerica.com)
>Coats  (www.coatsddb.com)
>MarChem CFI  (www.marchemcoatedfabrics.com)  They make Top Gun!
>National Molding  (www.nationalmolding.com)
>Bally Ribbon Mills  (www.ballyribbon.com)

Sewing Resources

>Fashion Incubator (www.fashion-incubator.com)  Production sewing and entrepreneurship.

>Pattern School  (www.patternschool.com) 
>Leatherworker.net  (www.leatherworker.net/forum)   All things leather.
A great resource for troubleshooting heavy-duty machines.

Buying Stuff

>Maude Vintage, Downtown Columbia, Mo.  
>E-mail me at coryleif@gmail.com to order wallets.

Looking at Leif Labs

>Flickr  (www.flickr.com/photos/leiflabs)

Friends of Leif Labs

>fotoNOMAD  (fotonomad.net)  Photos of racing, bike messengers, grand prix & rock'n'roll.
>Jess Dekker  (makingthisnow.wordpress.com)  Get your knit on.
>Permanent Records  (www.permanentrecordschicago.com)  1914 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago.
Searching for awesome music in Chicago? Go no further. Look for hot in-stores and one cute kitty.
Now in LA too:  1583 Colorado Blvd. 90041.
>Maude Vintage  (www.maudevintage.com)  Clothing & costumes, downtown Columbia, Mo.
>True/False Film Festival  (truefalse.org)  One of the premier documentary film fests in the US.
>VROOM VROOM!  (lulabelle212.etsy.com)  Cute car jewelry made from tiny toys.
>Como Polo  (comopolo.com)  Columbia's hardcourt bike polo squad.
>Patric Chocolate  (www.patric-chocolate.com)  Columbia-Mo artisanal chocolate.
>Ragtag Cinema  (www.ragtagfilm.com)  Columbia's arthouse theater.
>David Friesen  (sticksinthebrain.com
>Mike Sleadd  (michaelsleadd.com)  Illustrator.
>Ben Chlapek/Never Sleeping  (neversleeping.com)  Poster artist.
>David Cavins  (www.cavinsguitars.com)  Luthier.
>Ashley Z  (www.loveandworn.com)  Recycled leather jewelry.
>Hope + friend (yonderstudios.bigcartel.com)  Balms and hand-waxed bags.