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Leif Labs is a one-man bagmaking unit rooted in Columbia, Missouri. (My name is Cory.)

Leif Labs sprang into existence one stormy April eve in a small machinefilled bedroom, with the sole
purpose of creating eternal courier bags.
The year was two-thousand seven.

(Though, I've been designing & sewing messenger bags since 2002.)

Leif Labs does not do custom work or have its own store. When I have bags available
I'll post them on the blog
.... And if you live in the Mid-Missouri area, you can sometimes see them at
Maude Vintage, downtown Columbia.
Though, bike cruizies and wallets are almost always in stock.

Leif Labs is also a fountain of bag-making knowledge. You'll find everything you need to make
a messenger bag on the Sewing page ... or at least find
a link for it.
(If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to send me an email:  coryleif at gmail dot com)